Learning Assistance, Counselling and Welfare Support Services Centre

Provided free to all students

Study Skills Workshops

Study skills workshops are available to help students learn how to succeed in their studies. (Learning Assistance).

Students are taught and guided in improving their learning, literacy and numeracy skills in order to be competent and meet the requirements of each unit of competencies in their courses.

Assistance with Assignments

One-to-one assistance with assignments and assessment tasks is provided and students are required to makes an appointment with Learning Assistance Centre to utilise this service.

Personal / welfare counselling

This is available, by appointment, from the Student Welfare Counsellor.

Assistance with CVs

This is available from the Learning Assistance Centre – by appointment. (Learning Assistance)


Services provided by Learning Assistance

  • Provide support for students
  • Teach academic /  learning  skills
  • Conduct learning skills workshops
  • Help “at risk” students


Learning Assistance centre staff can provide workshops in a number of areas relevant to the needs of the students and Trainers such as:

  • Time Management
  • Recognising and Managing Stress
  • Essay and Report Writing
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Referencing
  • PowerPoint presentation

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